Some of the music on this page is from Songs from the American Plain, an album I released in 2005. Other more recent works include original soundtracks composed for various documentary film production.

  • December Suite for Guitar

    Suite for guitar in four movements, written and recorded by Tom Atwood in a closet in the 21st Century. TRT: 11:07.

  • Lamentations

    I. Three Loops II. Common Bones III. The Road to Emmaus

  • American Plain

    2005 symphony composed by Tom Atwood.

  • The Camera's Gaze

    Documentary soundtrack written & performed by Tom Atwood.

  • The Man Born Blind

    The British writer William Shaw describes this song of mine as "visceral, unrestrained, strange American gospel wildness."

  • Roundup® the World

    Frogs, toads, salamanders – innocent amphibians, bellwethers of our future. Written and performed by Tom Atwood.

  • In Between

    This song could have been titled "Confessions of a Former TV Reporter." Or, "Selling the News."

  • A New Unknown

    An American symphony (2006) by Tom Atwood. I. Ouzel II. Plains III. Kalimba Sunday IV. Rainforest Lament